Our Services

Water Well Drilling

Domestic Water Well

  • 6" to 10" drilled diameter.
  • Depth from 50 to 400 meters.
  • Tested yields upto 25 m3/hr.

Commercial Water Well

  • 12" to 24" drilled diameter.
  • Depth from 100 to 600 meters.
  • Tested yields upto 1000m3/hr.


Oil and Gas Drilling

Conductor Holes

  • Diameters upto 26"
  • Drilled depth upto 300m.
  • Driven depth upto 100m (based on soil profile)
  • Range 3 tubular handling
  • Annular cementing
  • Rat/mouse hole drilling

Shallow Slim Holes

  • Depth upto 1500m.
  • Drilled or cored as required.
  • Mobile plant for fast setup on pad.
  • Ideal for factory drilling applications.

Construction Drilling

Construction Drilling

  • Cased piling in unstable strata to 26".
  • Piling in hard rock by large DTH hammer.
  • Soil investigation with triple tube core tooling.
  • Shallow and deep core to 1000 meters.
  • Grout injection works - vertical and inclined hole.


Rotary Drilling

  • Air Blast.
  • Mud Circulation.
  • Aerated Mud Circulation.
  • Foam Circulation

Core Drilling

  • HQ Triple Tube Wireline.

Percussive Drilling

  • Cable Tool.
  • DTH Hammer 4" to 26".


  • Camera Inpections to 300 m.
  • Electrical/GAMMA/temperature logging to 600m.

Reverse Circulation - Large Diameter

  • Dual Tube Flooded RC.
  • Dual Tube DTH Hammer.

Health & Safety

EHS Policy

It is the policy of DRILLING SPARES AND SERVICES LTD that every employee be provided with a safe and healthy work place and be able to comply with DRILLING SPARES AND SERVICES LTD’s Safety Policies, client policies, Government Laws, local rules and regulations. The company is committed to providing employees with the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to protect them and others while at work.

DSS Safe Work Culture

DSS thrives to develop a safety culture for its employees through conducting: regular trainings, tool box talks, DSS safety induction, Safety Observations and Corrective Actions (SOCA), a performance board that shows the productivity and safety trends. Safety and Production are inseparable, and every person is responsible and will be held accountable for both safety and production.

Fit For Purpose Equipment

DSS has put in place a set of its own self-driven safety standards for its equipment. This ensures that our staff are put at minimum risk when working with our equipment. This involves upgrading of the drilling rigs to meet industry safety standards.

DSS equipment is maintained to high standard by in-house teams utilizing OEM standard parts. Routine inspection of equipment ensures that onsite failures, that would risk employees safety and project delivery are minimized.

Our Portfolio

Our Equipment

Foremost DR-24 Dual Rotary Rig

The DR-24 will set casing up to 24” (610 mm) in diameter. This model is commonly used for domestic and municipal wells, and construction applications such as foundation piling projects and holes for hydraulic elevator jacks.


Foremost DR-24HD Dual Rotary Rig

The DR-24HD (‘heavy-duty’) features a heavy-duty gear-driven lower drive, which generates two and a half times the torque of the standard DR-24. The DR-24HD is also configured with a heavy-duty mast to withstand the additional torque and larger hoist cylinders for increased pullback capabilities. The DR-24HD is most commonly used in deep, large diameter applications such as municipal/industrial wells and mine de-watering.


Schramm T130 XD Dual Rotary

This mobile Heavy Hoist, Range 3 ready capable drill rig is suited to Deep Water Well and Oil and Gas Exploration and Development work. The machine is fitted with a 26” Casing rotator providing all the benefits of Dual Rotary drilling with Hands free Range 3 tubular handling.

The rig is ideal for Conductor Placement by driving and drilling and Top-hole work for surface casing.

The rig is also used for mineral exploration drilling and can be set up for reverse circulation. The rig is equipped with a telescoping mast and is mounted on a heavy carrier, which allows it to be moved easily on commercial roads without traffic disruption. We have equipped the rig with a hands free drill pipe and casing handling system to improve the safety of the crew on the drill site.


Schramm Loadsafe Tubular Handler

Loadsafe ® is true to its name, offering safe, hands free cycling of drill pipe, collars and well casing for all Schramm Telemast ® rigs designed with tilting top head drives. This automated system is fully intergrated into TXD rig rated at 200,000lb hoist, and is also offered as an option or retrofit for Schramm T200XD, T130XD and T90XD rigs used in energy, mineral exploration, mine rescue, large diameter municipal water well or deep hole geothermal drilling applications. Loadsafe ® is fed from hydraulically operated pipe racks set up in the horizontal position, eliminating "crow's nest" safety concerns fou nd in traditional vertical pipe handling systems. Drill pipe or Range 3 casing is lifted from rack position into alignment with the tilting top head of the rig. A hydraulic roughneck on the rig eliminates manual tongs and the typical risks associated with their use while tripping drill pipe.


KLR DTH 2000 and DTHR 450 Drill Rig

We operate 3 KLR Top drive rigs rated to 300m depths at 8” diameter. The rigs are mounted on 6x4 carriers with separate engines on the deck for the hydraulic functions. We can drill by DTH and direct rotary techniques as the situation requires. The rigs have been upgraded with safety railings, rotation guards and emergency shutdown switches.

DSS SIMBA MKI Drilling Rig

We manufacture drilling rigs uniquely suited to the conditions in rural areas. Our SIMBA series of drills are very light-weight and mobile but this is not achieved at the expense of power. The SIMBA MK1 and MK2 water well rigs are designed to be very simple to operate and maintain yet incorporate innovative feed and rotation concepts. The drill rigs are customized to the requirements of each customer and we provide on-site training for the users.

Air Compressors

Atlas Copco XRV 1200 (20 units) - 360 psi / 1200 CFM
Atlas Copco 0R X 10 - 360 psi / 960 CFM
ELGI DZ 23044 (8units) - 350 psi / 1100 CFM
ELGI DZ 23036 - 350 psi / 900 CFM
Sollair - 500-350 psi / 1150-1300 CFM

Boosters Compressors

Hurricane B7-41 - 1000 psi / 2400 CFM

Mud Pumps

EMSCO D375 - 750 psi / 800 GPM
Gardner Denver FX-FXX - 250 psi / 400 GPM
CBG 250 H - 250 psi / 400 GPM
CBG 150 - 175 psi / 240 GPM

MXERS DP80 - Hydro fracture pump
KERP 2540 - Foam injection pump

BEAN 1122 BCD - Core drilling pump

Solid Control

TIBBAN MP255-2SC (2 units)
500 GPM rating
4' X 5' twin screen shakers
3 X 5" Descender cones
8m3 mud tanks

Large Diameter Tooling

NUMA N125 DTH Hammers (12" - 20")
NUMA N240 DTH Hammers(23" - 34")
Rock Bits up tp 36"
Under- reamer Bits upto 30"
10 3/4" OD Drill pipe
10 3/4" X 4" reverse circulation drill pipe
18" Drill pipe
Reverse circulation pumps 6" bore.


About Us

Drilling Spares and Services LTD is a private firm founded in 1989 by Mr. Kumar Pal Bhalla. Mr Bhalla was formerly the Chief Geologist in the Ministry of water in the Kenyan Government.

The company has grown to become the premier water well drilling company in East Africa and has undertaken both private and government works in Kenyan, Uganda and Tanzania. Drilling Spares today operates seven (7) rotary drilling rigs including two Foremost DR24 dual rotary rigs and a Schramm T130XD deep well rig. DSS also operates 4 test pumping units with test pumping capacities of upto 1000m3/hr.

Drilling Spares and Services limited operates a drilling rig manufacturing unit to cater for the needs of the water well market in Africa. The Simba range of water well rigs are designed to operate trouble free in the unforgiving terrain of remote Kenya and other regional countries. The deliberate use of simple but rugged technologies provide a machine of high capacity and superior maintainability

Drilling Spares and Services employs a staff of 85 personnel including Geologist, Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Workshop Technicians, Drillers, Site supervisors, Hydraulic Engineers and General Support Staff.

Drilling Spares and Services has become known in its native market as the drilling company to send in when anyone else has fail, this is due to the ingrained ethics that have filtered down from the top management to the most basic worker. The company strives to engineer solutions to challenging drilling problems and maintains a strong commitment to its clients.


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